15th of June 2018
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15th of June 2018
What is Dash?

Dash is a promising cryptocurrency, originally developed on the basis of Bitcoin code. Dash has appeared on January 18, 2014 and was firstly called XCoin. On February 28, 2014, the name was changed to Darkcoin, and on March 25, 2015, the cryptocurrency was named Dash. Dash is a short name for Digital Cash.

Despite the fact that the base code of Dash is Bitcoin code, the cryptocurrency has a number of significant improvements and unique characteristics, such as:

  • anonymous transactions;
  • masternodes;
  • X11 combined hashing algorithm;
  • instant payment system;
  • voting and self-financing system, etc.

Dash is distinguished by a decentralized management system in which each member of the network can submit his proposals for public discussion. By voting for the proposals put forward, decisions are made on projects related to the development of Dash. This approach increases the degree of cryptocurrency decentralization and allows to quickly make decisions on its development.

The goal of Dash is to become the most convenient cryptocurrency payment method in use. Dash allows to perform instant and, if necessary, anonymous transactions, has developed systems of self-management and self-financing, which contribute to its full development.

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Dash cryptocurrency has a four-year positive history and is actively increasing both the audience of users and the number of partners, merchants, etc. One of the main directions of the team is creating a user-friendly environment for users who may not have experience in using cryptocurrencies. Dash has every chance to gain a foothold as a popular means of payment thanks to InstantSend and PrivateSend systems that meet the real needs of users.

At this stage in cryptocurrencies development many anonymous transactions are associated with criminal activity. However, it's needed to understand that a huge number of standard payments, such as wages, can not always be transparent for everyone, not only for ethical reasons, but also in accordance with law. Due to the youth of the industry, international legislation on such operations has not yet been formed. It is worth noting once again that anonymity in Dash is possible, but is not required.

The project has an experienced team that leads an open dialogue with users and develops Dash, taking into account the views of the community. Decentralized management and budgeting systems work efficiently and are examples of successful DAO.

The progress of work on Dash Evolution and the details of updates in the system should definitely be monitored.


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