The rating assigned to crypto projects is an independent evaluation of Hash#Rating experts.

The purpose of our analytical documents is to give a potential investor a general understanding of the project, its strengths and weaknesses. Ratings are designed to evaluate the overall quality and prospects of the product and to provide a systematic, independent evaluation of crypto project, helping to accurately assess its potential and possible risks.

The rating system is developed according to the specificity of crypto industry: the "youth" of the market, innovative nature of projects, lack of analogues in the traditional segment, lack of unified legal framework, and so on.

For projects at the ICO stage, we adapt the analysis and evaluation methodology to better match the research objectives.

The rating system of crypto projects consists of the following sections:

The ICO rating system consists of the following sections:

Each section is rated on 10-score scale with the addition of appropriate comments on the calculation / removal of points.

Note 1:

The final score is the ratio of the arithmetic sum of points in all sections to the maximum number of points.

The rating of the crypto project is assigned in percentages according to the following formula:

where n is the number of sections in the rating,

bi- the number of points in the i section,

mi- the maximum number of points in the i section (mi= 10 except for the cases described in note 1),

R - rating as a percentage.

When analyzing and rating the Hash#Rating experts carefully study and check all the figures and facts provided by the project team, using all available sources of information, compare the pace of project development with those stated in plans, conduct analysis of industry and the competitiveness of the project. Lack of necessary information in the public access leads to a decrease in the project rating.

All analytical documents published on the Hash#Rating website are of an independent peer review and are not official recommendations for making specific project or investment decisions.