Description of the project

We are developing a methodology for research and evaluation of blockchain projects. Our own analysts, developers and experts have experience in the field of information technology, system analysis and legal research. For the continuous improvement of the methodological base, we involve highly specialized experts directly involved in the development of studied technologies.

Based on your needs, we can offer you not only the access to materials of the standard rating - but also detailed individual research related to the technical, legal and other subject areas of the project.

In addition to supporting and updating the standard rating, we carry out individual profile studies for private customers, commercial and government organizations. Most often this work is carried out with the purpose of deep study of the issues of selection, applicability and effectiveness of using blockchain technologies in business and public administration, as well as for evaluating the prospects of strategic investment partnership with companies that represent blockchain projects. Turning to us, you can count on a deep system approach to research, the formation and interpretation of its results.

Despite the innovative profile, our employees have been working in the areas of analytics, finance, IT and management consulting for more than 10 years. The presence of project management certified specialists in our state will allow us to achieve the most transparent and effective cooperation.