How often do new analytical documents appear in the rating?

We plan to analyze an average of about 10 projects per month. Since the labor intensity of work varies greatly depending on the particular project, we guarantee the release of at least five documents per month.

Can I order an individual deeper study?

Yes. In addition to the standard rating, we carry out individual profile studies for private customers, commercial and government organizations. Most often this work is carried out with the purpose of deep study of the issues of selection, applicability and effectiveness of using blockchain technologies in business and public administration, as well as for evaluating the prospects of strategic investment partnership with companies that represent blockchain projects. Turning to us, you can count on a deep system approach to research, the formation and interpretation of its results.

Despite the innovative profile, our employees have been working in the areas of analytics, fintech, IT and management consulting for more than ten years.

The presence in our state of certified specialists in project management will allow us to achieve the most transparent and effective cooperation.

I'm a representative of the blockchain project, can I ask for a rating of our project out of turn?

Yes, we have such a commercial service. Moreover, if we consider that your project has a value for the rating - we will gladly explore it for free. Please use the contact form.

I am a representative of the blockchain project, can I ask for a higher rating  on commercial terms?

No. Our main product is reputation. Therefore, we never publish custom information neither on the pages of Hash#Telegraph, nor in Hash#Rating.

I am a representative of the already rated blockchain project, can I suggest additions and / or corrections of incorrect information?

Yes. We guarantee the urgent study of the provided information and the prompt correction of relevant analytical documents. However, please take into account that the reliability and significance of the provided information will be rated based on our methodological approach.